About us

The Fraunhofer Institute for Materials Cycle and Resource Strategy IWKS cooperates with the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences. The resulting Fraunhofer Resource Efficiency Application Center (ARess) is entering a field of research and development with great potential for technological innovation. In addition to energy efficiency, resource efficiency is of equal importance for the economy as a whole. With its work, the working group of the ARess creates the prerequisites for securing the supply of raw materials to our industry in the long term and thus also enabling a leading position in high technology in the future. Recycling is a technologically and economically promising strategy to make recyclable materials available again and to limit the dissipation or loss of recyclable materials to a large extent. To this end, research is being carried out on separating and sorting technologies for recyclable materials from electrical and electronic systems on the one hand, and on recyclable product design, in particular electronic products and assemblies, on the other. For the latter in particular, ARess uses the techniques of "Life Cycle Assessment" (LCA) and "Design for Recycling" (DfR) tools to identify improvement potentials and to design assemblies and functional elements in a resource-efficient manner. Especially for new designs it is possible to define product specific "End of Life" concepts and to consider them constructively from the beginning.