Prof. Dr. Gesa Beck has extensive expertise in the areas of resource strategies, environmental process technologies, recycling technology, sustainability considerations, renewable energies, climate protection measures, resource-efficient production, waste, wastewater and environmental management, but also in national and European focal points and funding opportunities in the environmental sector.

Since September 2015, Prof. Beck has been working as an endowed and research professor at the Technical University of Aschaffenburg, where she lends engineering fundamentals in the field of resource efficiency with a focus on recycling technology and sustainability considerations. She has also headed the Fraunhofer Application Center for Resource Efficiency ever since. Prof. Beck is building up a scientific and business network and carrying out applied research projects with these partners. The results of the research projects are transferred into teaching and further education as well as into business practice. From March 2013 to August 2015, Prof. Beck worked at the University of Augsburg as a W2 professor for resource strategies at the chair of Prof. Dr. Armin Reller.

Task group

Prof. Dr. G. Beck

Nanotechnological and electrochemical paths for resource-efficient processes and products

Prof. Dr.-Ing. U. Bochtler

Novel methods for material separation

Prof. Dr. R. Hellmann

Laser technologies for resource-efficient process design

Prof. Dr. M. Kaloudis

Substitution of critical substances and use of recyclable manufacturing processes in electronics

Team Beck

Bum-Ki Choi, Dipl.-Ing.

PhD student project "ReComp"

Joshua Wüst, B.Eng.

Employee Project "ReComp"

Former employees

Maja Jelić, M.Sc.

former PhD student project „Magnetic nano-lacquer“

Florian Sauer, M.Sc.

former PhD student project „IRETA“

Dennis Przygodda, M.Sc.

former Employee Project„OLOEL“

Dr. Reza Sadaat

Project "Magnetic Nanolacquer"

Nina Trischler

Materandin (TU Clausthal)

Former Student assistants - TH-Aschaffenburg

Martin Hillenbrand, B.Sc.

Fabian Jeske

Kim Hovingh



Christian Bommersheim