Research Areas / Projects

Research Areas

  • modern separation technologies
  • innovative ways of recycling and recycling-friendly design
  • Substitution of Critical Materials
  • Material and energy efficiency of products and processes
  • Durable products by reducing signs of ageing

The assessment of substituents and procedures is carried out with resource-strategic analyses (criticality, life cycle assessment and substance histories), in which not only economic factors but also ecological, political and social challenges are taken into account and temporal and spatial aspects are not disregarded. A further focal point of the projects carried out is the recyclable design of products.

Current Projects


Technology metal recycling


Recycling of tantalum from electronic waste


Plastics Recycling


Recycling of metallized plastics

Completed Projects


Substitution of Critical Materials

Transparent and Conductive Coatings



Green Olefins from Vegetable Oils